Grad School is almost over…

Well, Will is in finals week.  It feels like forever and I miss him a ton as he types away up in the office. I know he is doing this for us, to make it possible for us to own a house, to have land, to have money to travel, to retire well and have pups. We have goals and no one said to attain these goals would be easy or perfect, but man it is hard. I am not sure I would ever suggest to anyone that in the first 2 years of their marriage, one person in the couple go back to school, but for us that was not an option. Will needed to go full time, and I was just done with school and wanted to work for a few years before going back to school myself.

Work life for me has been a real challenge, one that I was not expecting.  When I got into health care I was sure that people in health care would do just that… CARE! But I have been amazed to see that money is what drives so many companies.  Will has had to talk me through the tough lessons I have learned…DO NOT wear your heart on your sleeve, DO NOT talk about more personal things than the weather, DO NOT expect everyone to want to be your friend, DO NOT expect to make friends at work, BE OKAY with people not giving a crap about you, DO NOT take anything personal….ETC.

Poor Will. His wife is such an open, loving, caring, with no boundaries, honest, hard working, loyal, stick up for the underdog lady.

So as he types away, getting himself ready for finals…As I miss him….As I sit here on an icy December day thinking about the lessons from work I have learned….I am hopeful, that in a week I will get my husband back and I will have learned to be proud of the lessons I have learned, no disappointed by the reality of life in the work place.












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