2 years…

IMG_1490   By the way….Many people have told me, give it till 2 years…then you’ll be sick of him! Well, guess what??? I’m not! We are going through amazing stress right now with Grandma Harry just having broken her hip, living on a single income and life’s ups and downs, but we talk and talk and when we think we’ve got it figured out we talk some more.

Will really brought up some things that I needed to hear on our anniversary and they have changed me already! He was having a particularly exhausting jet lagged time and I was wanting to go on an adventure. We sat and he pointed out that  when I had hard days he always tried to put himself in my shoes, give me the benifit of the doubt. He’d noticed that in our 2 years married, I did not seem to try to do the same thing. He was right! I admitted I was unaware of my selfishness but that now he had made me aware, I could work on it with all my heart. We came up with a word he could say that he could whisper so I would catch myself and put myself in his shoes. It was not the 2nd anniversary I had expected, but it was a growing one, one I will cherish as much as I did the steak he prepared for dinner!

I love being married! It is more than I ever expected it to be. Hard and fantastic all at the same time. Oh, and having a super hot husband doesn’t hurt either!

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