Always an adventure!


Once upon a time there were two very independent people who decided to give dating just one more chance. Both hated the bar scene as one was an extreme extrovert who scared guys away with her loud laugh and excited babble, and one was an extreme introvert who found it difficult to start up a conversation out of thin air. One line dating, you say? Well…..

Hi! My name is Melissa, and in this picture above you can see that my husband and I can be a little silly.  Let me take that back….I can be A LOT silly and on our wedding day it was I and I alone that decided to shove the cake into his face.  I am sure he saw it coming, as I am sure he sees most of my antics coming from a mile away, but he loves me all the more for it, despite having to clean icing out of his nostrils with immediate family and our bridal party watching.

The day I met Will, after planning our first date from two different continents, I was not sure about him.  He didn’t look like his profile pic, but he wore Eco shoes, a button down shirt, slacks and walked me to my car afterwards.  His voice was so deep and he was a gentleman.  Unfortunately for him, I was three days back from my internship in Ecuador and I was sick as a dog.  I ordered chamomile tea and was praying from the depths of my soul that I would not vomit into his black bean soup. Later on I would find out from him that he thought I was mesmerized with him, and he felt a little strange with the attention I placed on him.  I was able to quickly remedy this first impression with one sentence, “Lovey, I was focusing on your mouth so I had something to concentrate on to keep from expelling all the contents of my stomach into your soup.” Clarification was accomplished and the rest…well, it’s always an adventure with us.