A year ago this week, Will and I were in the Caribbean on our Honeymoon.  We had been given the trip by Will’s parents and it was amazing.

Will and I have been married for a year and a month, and it has been a beautiful journey that I have waited for my whole life.  When I was 24 I was almost engaged and when that broke off, my heart was wounded in a way I never thought it could be, nor did I ever think it would recover.  I waited 10 years, failed relationship after failed relationship and had just about given up when I met Will.  It was not my plan to get married at 34.  I was “supposed to” get married at 24 like my mom.  But when 24 came, and my heart was broken, life sort of went on pause.  I still traveled, lived all over the states and traveled to many countries, but my heart was empty.  So many people told me that if I just prayed hard enough, if I just had faith, “God’s perfect timing would bring or not bring a man into my life.”  Well, I now think all that was crazy, and that sometimes life just happens and we don’t get our way not just because God has other plans but because we are busy becoming who we need to be so when we meet that other person we are ready to embark on our new set challenge.  Will and I know for a fact that if we had met at any other time in our lives we would never have been into each other.  34 seemed 10 years too late, but it has been 10 years of pain and sorrow and joy and growth that made me into the woman that now is able to love Will with everything I have in me.  I hate to say that everything happens for a reason, because it makes trauma seem trivial, but with Will and myself, life happened just as it needed to.

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